New Born Development

Baby Development: Month 1

Baby Development: Month 1 At last, your new baby’s here and you’re starting to get to know the little person you’ve been carrying for 9 months. Here’s what to expect in the first 4 weeks of your newborn’s life.   Growing and Developing Your baby will be born with several reflexes: she’ll grip your finger if […]

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Milestones in Baby’s Growth

Every baby’s growth is unique and no two babies, even if they are twins will have an identical growth chart. Fascinating as it is, you will discover that they are able to overcome a lot of milestones in growth and development at the same time. This article will allow you to observe your baby and […]

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Underweight/Overweight Babies

There are several factors which need to be considered when analyzing baby weight. Each baby is dynamic and grows at different rates and therefore, their weight may fluctuate accordingly. Sometimes the height increase may not be in the same ratio as the weight and based on this your child may seem overweight or underweight. The […]

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