Pregnancy Month 3: Week 13 – Week 16

Pregnancy month 3: week 13 – week 16

What’s happening to your body in month 3?

You’ll start to look pregnant – your tummy will be getting rounder and you’ll be putting on weight. With any luck, feelings of nausea will have receded, but you might be getting a bit constipated because of hormonal changes. To counter this, eat plenty of fibre and drink lots of liquid.


What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby is growing rapidly and his facial features are developing with his eyes moving from the side of his head.

In week 14 your baby’s fingerprints will have finished developing. His body is growing fast, although his head is still relatively large.

His hair is starting to grow and in a few months his body will be covered in fine hair called lanugo. This helps protect your baby’s skin inside the womb. Some babies are born with this hair, but it disappears within a few weeks.

His kidneys are developing and he’s producing urine. His circulatory system is working.

By week 16, your baby will be about 10cm long. His genitals and reproductive organs will be fully developed. You may be able to hear his heartbeat when you go to the doctor.


How will you feel?

You’re officially in the second trimester at the end of week 13. Although you’ll probably be looking more pregnant, you’re likely to feel a lot better than you did in the early weeks.

You won’t need to go to the toilet as much and hopefully you won’t be feeling sick any more. You’ll also feel more energetic. Now can be a good time to start doing some gentle exercise.

At around week 16, something amazing may happen – you’ll feel the first fluttering of your baby’s movements. This is called quickening. You’ll now be entering the period of pregnancy that some women really enjoy.


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