Pregnancy Month 8: Week 34 – Week 36

Pregnancy month 8: week 34 – week 36 

What’s happening to your body in month 8?

Although your baby is still gaining weight, you’ll be happy to know that you’re unlikely to put on any more after week 35 or so.

Because your baby has pushed your uterus right up under your ribs, you may be suffering from indigestion and feel a bit breathless.

You may well be experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. These so-called ‘practice contractions’ help get your body ready to give birth. It can be difficult to tell them apart from real contractions, especially if you haven’t had a baby before, but you’ll know they’re not the real thing because they:

  • won’t get more intense or frequent
  • are uncomfortable rather than painful
  • gradually disappear

If you’re really not sure whether you’re having Braxton Hicks or real contractions, contact your doctor or midwife.

You may also find that your breasts are leaking colostrum. This is the super-nutritious first milk your baby will drink when breastfeeding.


What’s happening to your baby?

Your baby is getting plumper, building up fat to keep her warm once she’s born. She’s less wrinkled and her lungs are almost completely developed. There’s not much room to move around now, although she will still change position.

You may find that at the end of this stage, your baby ‘drops’ – descends into your pelvis to get ready to be born. This is called lightening and may cause you to go to the lavatory more often.

By the end of this period, she might weigh as much as 2.9km and measure 53cm.


How will you feel?

You might feel alternately very tired and very energetic. You’re also probably a bit fed up with being pregnant, but you can distract yourself by getting things ready for your new arrival. Check that you’ve got all you need including clothes and nappies and pack a bag to take to the hospital.


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