Pregnancy Week by Week

Expecting a baby? Here’s what you and your baby-to-be can be expecting in each week of your pregnancy!

First Trimester

Week 1 & 2: You ovulate and your body preps up for fertilization with your egg waiting for a sperm to burrow in it! During fertilization the sex of your baby is determined!

Week 3: The fertilized egg implants itself into the wall of the uterus and you may experience spotting.

Week 4: Your embryo splits in two forming a placenta and another embryo formed. You miss your period and are now a mummy-to-be. Congratulations!

Week 5: Your baby’s heart beats for the first time. The embryo gets divided in three layers which will make the organs and different parts of your baby.

Week 6: Your baby is thrice the size now and his\her brainwaves can be recorded. Plus you can now hear a regular heartbeat – twice as fast as an average adult!

Week 7: Your baby’s face is changing and developing as your little joy grows faster.

Week 8: The tiny fingers and toes are starting to form here! You may also start to experience morning sickness – not so much fun.

Week 9: As your baby builds organs and muscles, you may now tire out easily and look forward to taking long naps!

Week 10: Your baby’s bones are now harder and his\her kidney is fully functioning.

Week 11: Your baby can now breathe underwater in the amniotic fluid strengthening his\her lungs. How incredible is that?

Week 12: Your baby can now feel you when you place your hands on your tummy.

Week 13: As the first trimester comes to an end, your baby is now the size of a peach. He\she can even suck on his\her thumb now!

Second Trimester

Week 14: Your baby is building on making those cubby cheeks that you will peck habitually!

Week 15: You may feel some activity and kicking now from your baby making him\her all the more real!

Week 16: The umbilical cord on your baby is now fully developed!

Week 17: Your baby starts to practice sucking and swallowing for when it enters the world!

Week 18: Your baby can now actually hear you as his\her hearing becomes sensitive!

Week 19: The skin of your baby now has a protective coating on it.

Week 20:  You can find out the gender of your baby this week! What will it be – boy or girl?

Week 21: Your baby is grazing on whatever you are right now but he\she won’t be sharing those stretch marks!

Week 22: Your feet are growing in size as fast as your baby’s senses!

Week 23: Your baby’s brain is developing billions of new cells!

Week 24: A lot is now happening with your baby: moving, kicking, growing and floating around!

Week 25: Your baby prepares to take his\her first breath – how fascinating!

Week 26: Major news – your baby opens his\her eyes!

Week 27: You can feel your baby hiccup now, expect to feel a lil’ jump in your bump when that happens.

Third Trimester

Week 28: Your baby dreams and blinks!

Week 29: The part of your baby’s brain determines intelligence and personality develops.

Week 30: Starting now your baby will gain half a pound every week till the birth!

Week 31: Your baby has grown so much there is no room now for moving and stretching so it will stay in fetal position till birth.

Week 32. The lungs are getting stronger day by day.

Week 33: Immune system is getting a boost and improving tons.

Week 34: A baby boy develops his testicles this week – yay!

Week 35: There’s more pressure on your bladder as your baby grows and so does his\her brain.

Week 36: Your baby’s body develops fat that helps maintain his\her body temperature!

Week 37: Your baby’s five senses are sharpening and his\her immune system is developing more.

Week 38: Your baby has reached the height and weight it will be at birth.

Week 39: You may start to experience signs of labor – the end is near!

Week 40: The end of your pregnancy is here – let’s hope your baby too got the memo!

Week 41: You are waiting for the little human being to make a debut soon.

Week 42: Don’t panic! It’s normal for a baby’s birth to be overdue, you ought to be in labor very soon.

Congratulations - you are now a mother!

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